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Does the automated trading with binary Options and Signalprovider BinaryOptionsVic (60sec) works with Signalpush, review

20. Mai 2013 Alex 0

Advertisment: This is an advertisement for Signalpush, because I cannot separate the ad-part from the actual article. For each registration with signalpush via the link belowor any other links contained on this page I will receive a provision (affiliate) after registration.

Does the automated trading with binary Options and Signalprovider BinaryOptionsVic (60sec) works with Signalpush

I want to show in this test report, signalpush review, on a calculating example if the signalpush with signalprovider BinaryOptionsVic (60sec) really works ?

In this testreport, i have an fictitious account. Why fictitious ?

The historical data from Signalpush is correct in large part. Is it possible that the data deviates a little bit.

I invest virtual 25 € in this signalpush review. If the trade are positiv we get back 65 % (is it possivble to get 60 % or 70 %, the value 65% is a average peak) from the invest money. If the trade a lost trade, we get nothing.

To start with signalpush, is it necessary to start the signalpush-client in the morning time and let the client work. This Signalpush-client copy the trades from the signalprovider to your binary options trading account.

Is it brilliant too, that you can watch on every time the historcal data from the signalproviders on the signalpush client or on the website. 

Important and be careful: In this testreport or review report, i make an calculating example. The historical data is no guarantee for the future. The historical data shows the history from the signalproviders. It beeing possible and important to know that the signalproviders not successfully in the future. Please use money that you not need necessary for your live. Binary options and any kind of transaction in foreign exchange are very risky.

What is signalpush ?

little FAQ:

1. Is it possible to earn quickly and easely with Signalpush and Signalprovider ?

My personal opinion: no. You invest money and are depend from an signalprovider. This signalprovider was in the past very successfull, but what is in the future ? In addition, we speaks from one of the speculativ option : the binary options. The risiko is very high to lose your money. Please be carefull with you money.

2. How earn Signalpush ?

Signalpush earn from a procental that you pay on the signalprovider.




Start credit

500 €, trade with 5 % also 25 €

aktuell credit

948,75 €


fictitious, as an calculating example

Time passed

Start since ab Juni 2013 (Data from 22.11.2013)

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